Friday, 25 January 2013
Phew, what a busy week I've had! We're finally seeing some real progress in the house as we've been able to get some of the jobs done that make the house look prettier.

The most of the week was focused on the bathrooms so I thought I'd show you the story so far of the Master Bathroom.

When we purchased the property the Master Bathroom was quite a small room with a separate Toilet next door in one sense having the rooms separate seemed like a nice idea but the toilet room was absolutely freezing with no room to add heating it also did not have a sink so didn't seem like that hygienic of an option.  We came to the decision that we would knock the two rooms together to make a larger space but whilst planning layouts we hit some snags.  I really wanted a bath, my partner really wanted a stand alone shower but we couldn't fit both no matter how hard we tried.

The room next door was labelled a bedroom but we didn't really need it as one and a spacious bathroom is one of those home luxuries we dream of, so we decided to extend into that room too.  We've weighed up the pro's and con's and I'll admit taking away a bedroom was something we questioned a lot as to if it was the right decision, but at the end of it all this is our life house and the bathroom will be a greater benefit to us than a bedroom, we're both firm believers in do what makes you happy not do what people expect.

The new room needed the outside wall re plastering to bring it all to the same level and a new ceiling to even out the height difference, we also built a little wall for the sinks.

Once the plaster had dried which took forever, our lighting was put in (I'll do another post all about recessed lighting another day since that's a huge post in it's self) and we could finally get the tiler in which is when things really started to change.

Now the coving has gone up and this week we were finally able to paint it it's final colour Farrow & Ball Elephants Breath. 

All that's left in there now is:
  • 2nd fix for bathroom fixtures
  • Skirting boards to be added
  • Slate wall cleaned and colour enhancer/sealant coat to be done
  • Window treatments added
  • Really, really deep clean
  • And Enjoy!


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