Wednesday, 21 August 2013
Farrow and Ball Elephants Breath Bedroom
It seems like every room we finish, or are close to finishing becomes my new favourite room but this one really is one of my favourites (shhh don't tell the others) because it's our bedroom.  I had very little to do with the transformation of this one since my future hubs did all the ripping out of the old features and the new additions which you'll see in a little bit.
After removing all the fitted features we didn't want we had some electrical sockets and a trench dug into the chimney breast so we could hang a TV without having to worry about hiding wires and since this was going to need re-plastering also took the opportunity to chip off the badly plastered area of the old fireplace. After the re-plastering it was time to start rebuilding the room.
We really love the look of paneled walls and since this room although actually quite large didn't really feel all that special we thought it was a great candidate for panel treatment. Around about the time we were due to start this room I came down with a horrible cold and retreated to bed so future hubs get's all the credit here as I didn't even see it until it was finished and painted.
Before starting we had played around with different combinations and sizes by using masking tape, which can be time consuming but it is worth doing as the layout we originally had thought we wanted just didn't really work with the room.  After the design it was time to start the measuring out and cutting which probably took the longest time of all the stages for this room.
The moldings which make the panel frames are plaster and are fixed to the wall with a plaster of paris mix and a few small nails to keep the plaster pieces in place while the "glue" dries, the nails are removed later so don't drive them all the way in.  Another really important tip for doing this type of work is to coat the back of the plaster moldings with PVA glue otherwise the plaster sucks up all the moisture from the plaster of paris gluing mixture making it stick to the wall too quickly and giving you no time to wiggle into the correct position.
After the wall panels were finished the walls were papered with lining paper and ready to be painted, since this is new plaster work it does need a "wash coat" first which is basically a watered down base coat. You could use plain white paint or the colour you intend to use, the "wash coat" is basically used to reduce the amount of coats needed to cover the new plaster as it will as without it it will absorb more paint.
The final paint for this room we have chosen is Farrow & Ball Elephant's Breath which has helped create a really luxurious yet comfortable, cosy feel perfect for a bedroom, we're going for a Hollywood Regency look in this room so we added a Gold Mercury Glass Chandelier from BHS.
Just wait until you see the carpet and furniture we picked for this room I'll be sure to update you more quickly than usual but you can follow I'll Take Both Interiors on Bloglovin' so you never miss post.
So that's the background on the bedroom transformation, are you a big a fan of wall panels and Farrow & Ball Elephants Breath as I am?

Friday, 5 July 2013

Renovator's Funk is not the latest dance craze sweeping the nation but that stage you hit when in renovations where it all starts to get a little much, you've had the excitement of tearing down and seeing all the possibilities, you've done the hard decisions and the late night internet sourcing scavenger hunts and now you've reached the stage where it's not done yet and you can hardly stand to look at it.

I'm there.

Don't get me wrong I love the house, I'm just going to love it a whole lot more when it's not half done, dusty and dirty. Right now the renovation is at the stop and start period a number of rooms are close to finished but are waiting on things happening in other rooms before they can progress or waiting on deliveries or just waiting.
Tomorrow we're having our bedroom carpet put down it was due earlier this week but was cancelled as when the fitter went to collect it they discovered it was damaged, once the carpet is down we have the unenviable task of carrying the bedroom up four flights of stairs, anyone want to trade places?
Thursday, 23 May 2013
Just a really quick post today to show you what we did with our really plain Archway in the Entrance Hall. As you can see it really doesn't get any plainer than this but that's no reason to ignore it.

While surfing the web for inspiration around the house I came across the picture at the top of this post, I love the clean line and how elegant it looks I showed my other half and he liked it too so it was set this was what was happening on the Archway.

Again with the help of the web we located a company nearby that makes plaster mouldings and were able to custom make and build the design on site it did take a little bit of time (3 days in all) but I love the final result and think just that little bit of detail really lifts the whole hallway.
The final image is almost after because the keystone hadn't been placed there I'll take another completely finished picture to show you how it looks now.
Wednesday, 15 May 2013
On our first viewing I think the Living Room was the room that really sold the house, it has this big bay window that just floods the room with light and gorgeous views all year around (although the garden is a little overgrown right now).

This is the Living Room before we started work
 As the heating needed some work anyway we decided to remove the two small radiators either side of the bay window since they would be an obstruction when placing furniture.  The one remaining radiator on the opposite wall was no longer sufficient to heat the room by itself so that was replaced that with a larger model which will be hidden by the sofa later.  A really obvious tip would be if you are undertaking any electrical or heating work prepare for mess, a lot of mess.
Once all the under floorboard work was done and the built-in's were removed from the alcoves we were ready to rebuilt the room starting at the top.
Forgive the clothing, it's not my finest outfit.

Next step....Flooring.

Shopping List

Paint above picture rail - Farrow & Ball Dimity
Wallpaper - Josette in Linen by Laura Ashley 

Sunday, 12 May 2013
I'll start my updates with our most finished room right now and that's the Guest Room AKA The Gray Room, you can see from the last post that is wasn't far from being finished a little while ago but in true renovation style the wallpaper we had chosen for the room just did not want to play ball.

We had picked a slightly textured silver gray wallpaper but after applying it to the wall the edge's kept lifting no matter how much attention you gave them and and those that did finally stick were very obvious so we decided to scratch that idea and go back the drawing board.

A unique feature in room is that is has two wiring points for light, originally these both just had a pendant light with a simple paper shade and as we have re-wired the house it was suggest a few times that maybe we should get rid of the two light fittings and have one central light.
We decided to keep the two lights since it's a little quirky and just gives the room that something a little bit different.  For the light fixtures we found some absolutely gorgeous chandeliers from BHS in gun metal coloured crystal and they look amazing if I do say so myself keeping the two lights was definitely the right choice for this room.
In the end since we like the colour above the picture rail so much (Farrow & Ball Pavilion Gray) we decided to fore go wallpaper on the lower section and paint it with the matching paint as above.  Once the paint was dry we just had to move the furniture into the room, all that's missing now is soft furnishings and some little ornamental things.
 And that's the Gray Room so far, do you have quirky features in your house you love? Or maybe something you took out and wish you hadn't, drop me a line in the comments I'd love to hear your stories.

  Shopping List

Set of Drawers and Bedside Cabinets - Marks and Spencer
Bed - Barker and Stonehouse
Chandeliers - BHS
Paint- Farrow & Ball Pavilion Gray

Saturday, 11 May 2013
It would be fair to say I have been a bad blogger when it came to I'll Take Both Interiors but I'm hoping to fix that and get my butt back on track here. 
We had a few weeks at the new house where not much visual seemed to happen but things are really ticking along now and over the next few day's I'd love to show you some pictures of the progress we've made so far and a little project we've started on some chair for the dining room.

Thanks for reading!
Friday, 25 January 2013
Phew, what a busy week I've had! We're finally seeing some real progress in the house as we've been able to get some of the jobs done that make the house look prettier.

The most of the week was focused on the bathrooms so I thought I'd show you the story so far of the Master Bathroom.

When we purchased the property the Master Bathroom was quite a small room with a separate Toilet next door in one sense having the rooms separate seemed like a nice idea but the toilet room was absolutely freezing with no room to add heating it also did not have a sink so didn't seem like that hygienic of an option.  We came to the decision that we would knock the two rooms together to make a larger space but whilst planning layouts we hit some snags.  I really wanted a bath, my partner really wanted a stand alone shower but we couldn't fit both no matter how hard we tried.

The room next door was labelled a bedroom but we didn't really need it as one and a spacious bathroom is one of those home luxuries we dream of, so we decided to extend into that room too.  We've weighed up the pro's and con's and I'll admit taking away a bedroom was something we questioned a lot as to if it was the right decision, but at the end of it all this is our life house and the bathroom will be a greater benefit to us than a bedroom, we're both firm believers in do what makes you happy not do what people expect.

The new room needed the outside wall re plastering to bring it all to the same level and a new ceiling to even out the height difference, we also built a little wall for the sinks.

Once the plaster had dried which took forever, our lighting was put in (I'll do another post all about recessed lighting another day since that's a huge post in it's self) and we could finally get the tiler in which is when things really started to change.