Sunday, 12 May 2013
I'll start my updates with our most finished room right now and that's the Guest Room AKA The Gray Room, you can see from the last post that is wasn't far from being finished a little while ago but in true renovation style the wallpaper we had chosen for the room just did not want to play ball.

We had picked a slightly textured silver gray wallpaper but after applying it to the wall the edge's kept lifting no matter how much attention you gave them and and those that did finally stick were very obvious so we decided to scratch that idea and go back the drawing board.

A unique feature in room is that is has two wiring points for light, originally these both just had a pendant light with a simple paper shade and as we have re-wired the house it was suggest a few times that maybe we should get rid of the two light fittings and have one central light.
We decided to keep the two lights since it's a little quirky and just gives the room that something a little bit different.  For the light fixtures we found some absolutely gorgeous chandeliers from BHS in gun metal coloured crystal and they look amazing if I do say so myself keeping the two lights was definitely the right choice for this room.
In the end since we like the colour above the picture rail so much (Farrow & Ball Pavilion Gray) we decided to fore go wallpaper on the lower section and paint it with the matching paint as above.  Once the paint was dry we just had to move the furniture into the room, all that's missing now is soft furnishings and some little ornamental things.
 And that's the Gray Room so far, do you have quirky features in your house you love? Or maybe something you took out and wish you hadn't, drop me a line in the comments I'd love to hear your stories.

  Shopping List

Set of Drawers and Bedside Cabinets - Marks and Spencer
Bed - Barker and Stonehouse
Chandeliers - BHS
Paint- Farrow & Ball Pavilion Gray


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