Thursday, 23 May 2013
Just a really quick post today to show you what we did with our really plain Archway in the Entrance Hall. As you can see it really doesn't get any plainer than this but that's no reason to ignore it.

While surfing the web for inspiration around the house I came across the picture at the top of this post, I love the clean line and how elegant it looks I showed my other half and he liked it too so it was set this was what was happening on the Archway.

Again with the help of the web we located a company nearby that makes plaster mouldings and were able to custom make and build the design on site it did take a little bit of time (3 days in all) but I love the final result and think just that little bit of detail really lifts the whole hallway.
The final image is almost after because the keystone hadn't been placed there I'll take another completely finished picture to show you how it looks now.


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