Friday, 5 July 2013

Renovator's Funk is not the latest dance craze sweeping the nation but that stage you hit when in renovations where it all starts to get a little much, you've had the excitement of tearing down and seeing all the possibilities, you've done the hard decisions and the late night internet sourcing scavenger hunts and now you've reached the stage where it's not done yet and you can hardly stand to look at it.

I'm there.

Don't get me wrong I love the house, I'm just going to love it a whole lot more when it's not half done, dusty and dirty. Right now the renovation is at the stop and start period a number of rooms are close to finished but are waiting on things happening in other rooms before they can progress or waiting on deliveries or just waiting.
Tomorrow we're having our bedroom carpet put down it was due earlier this week but was cancelled as when the fitter went to collect it they discovered it was damaged, once the carpet is down we have the unenviable task of carrying the bedroom up four flights of stairs, anyone want to trade places?


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