Tuesday, 13 November 2012
I have a small addiction to deep, dark blue walls I fell in love with the colour and I just knew I had to have it for my dressing room, so off I went on a quest to find the perfect blue. As always there is a catch and that is that the perfect navy blue is REALLY hard to find.

Six sample pots later I found the perfect blue by the name of Midnight by Homebase Sanctuary, it's perfect and as I discovered today it's also discontinued.

So with this news off to Homebase I went armed with my large painted sample to see if Dulux they can colour match, sadly the colour machine could not match my gorgeous Midnight shade but by comparing the colour cards I think I have a couple of candidates for my new perfect navy.

Hopefully when I test these new colours one of them will be just what I'm looking but failing that my close second was a colour by Crown from the Period dead flat matt collection by the name of Ballgown, which also happens to have the perfect name.

 I'll be sure to update on my colour quest after trying out my new samples.


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