Friday, 30 November 2012
The saga of the Navy Blue paint seems to have more episodes and drama than the Twilight Saga so despite finally choosing a colour the universe conspired to throw a spanner in the works and Fountains Blue was not to be.

I had to order the Fired Earth Fountains Blue paint since the store did not stock this colour and when I went to collect it something did not sound right, the paint seemed very watery I could hear it sloshing all the way to the car.  On to the room to be painted, lift off the lid and we were greeted with this

Dry sample to the right, wet sample on the bottom, mystery paint on top

Even though the dark sample above is wet the colour which is practically black did not change when it was dry it also developed a really oily residue, not a good look on a matt paint, clearly something had gone wrong and to top off it off we were now on a bit of a time crunch as we needed to get two coats on the walls before the carpet arrived, re-ordering was not option.
Farrow & Ball to the rescue!  Armed with sample pots of Drawing Room Blue and Hague Blue it was back to the nest to re-chose my problem blue. In the end there was a winner in Hague Blue, we did encounter a few more hiccups on the way but we made the deadline and today the carpet went down on time. Farrow & Ball were a tremendous help and I'm incredibly happy with the end result just going to show you things really do happen for a reason.
Farrow & Ball Hague Blue (sorry for the dust)

Walls - Check, Carpet - Check, Wardrobes - Next


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