Sunday, 25 November 2012
I thought today I'd show the inspiration and progress in another of the rooms but first I should explain the origins of it's name The Gray Room.  When I was looking of inspiration on decorating and dressing rooms I, like many people, turned to Pinterest and while browsing I stumbled upon a the most peaceful, comfortable and sophisticated looking room in a beautiful gray palette, it was love at first sight.  Then because I was almost constantly discussing rooms and showing my other half pics to help keep them straight conversations almost always started with "you know that gray room"  we decided that the spare guest room should have a neutral hotel feel to it and that gray room was just perfect so the spare room in our home became known as The Gray room.  Now whenever you lose someone or something it's so much easier

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

 "Have you seen the paint brush?" "Yes it's in the Gray room"
 So that's the story and the inspiration now for the progress

Original room from property listing
After it's stripped bare, dark and dingy
First step was to fill some holes left by removing the sink and addressing some cracks to the ceiling before covering it and the walls with heavy lining paper.

Next step was the white coat for the ceiling, coving, picture rail and woodwork and the followed up with the first part of the gray makeover.

We've choosen a wallpaper for the main body of the walls but the picture rail section is painted, it did take a little while and quite a few samples to find a perfect gray as a lot looked too blue in the room but in the end Farrow & Ball's Pavillion Gray was perfect so with two coats on the wall that's where we are today.

Carpet fitters arrive on Thursday and after that we can wallpaper the wall and the room is almost ready to be dressed so I'll be sure to so you more progress when it happens.


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