Saturday, 17 November 2012
I mentioned in the last post about the Kitchen that we'd started the plastering, that was finished earlier this week and is drying out quite nicely, in fact most areas are now dry the dampest area seems to be the curve but that has had two layers. 
Visitors seem determined to give me a heart attack in there as every person I've spoke to so far has reached out a hand and made a move to lean on the freshly plastered slightly damp walls (que my movie style slow motion "NOOOOOOOOOOO")
Don't touch the walls!
The second leap in progress in there is that we now have power and lights!  Switching on the lights in a room you've had no power in for months is a great moment and really helps bring the room to life even though there's no furniture in there.  Power cables have also been run through to the island area so the next step is to get the screed done to level out the floor ready for dressing up.

Power cables for the Island


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