Saturday, 10 November 2012
Today was a big day for the kitchen as we started plastering (we've been dying to get to this stage), this is the room that we started work in and made little progress in since, the last two weeks have seen some really big changes and it's coming on leaps and bounds now.

In the beginning the kitchen was a small cramped L-shaped area with every square inch clad in knotty pine and I'm literally talking every where...ceiling, walls, cupboards, the place looked more like a sauna than a kitchen.  Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the kitchen before we started stripping it out as we were quite eager to make a start.
Behind the cladding revealed some really scary electrical diy work and some slightly unstable walls between the next two rooms (corridor and toilet/shower room) so it was time to bring in the professionals.

Since we planned on making changes to the existing bathroom (more on that another time) we decided that having a large downstairs toilet and shower was a little unnecessary and moved the downstairs toilet to the space under the stairs, the corridor was to become a laundry room and the old bathroom a built in banquette for the kitchen.  Once the unstable walls came down it would have been a crime to but them back up and so the plan changed and the final kitchen shape was boarded out ready for plastering.

Little hatch to the dining room, some suggested removing it but I like it so it's staying
The trench is for the power supply to the island, I also really wanted to keep the curved wall

This side will house the dishwasher and sink area.

The plastering should be all finished on Monday I can't wait to see it finished.


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